Process Serving

Are you representing yourself in any form of legal proceeding? If so, do you need documents served on the opposing side of your matter?

Are you a lawyer or paralegal and don't want to serve documents yourself?

De Palma & Associates can help!

We offer process serving across Simcoe County for any form of legal matter. Simply provide us with the paperwork you need served and information on where the service needs to be done and we can handle the rest. After service is complete we will provide you with the court required form attesting to our service of the documents. 

In keeping with our flat fee structure for paralegal services, process serving is also charged as a flat rate. Our initial fee includes two attempts at service with additional attempts, if required, charged as an extra flat rate. We aim to complete service within the first two attempts but additional attempts may be needed in some cases. Before we proceed with any additional attempts we contact the client and obtain their consent to continue attempting service. 

Contact De Palma & Associates today for all of your process serving needs!