You’ve Done the Work - Don’t Let the Invoice Go Unpaid!

Author: Christina De Palma | | Categories: funds owing , small claims , small claims court , tradesperson , unpaid funds , unpaid invoices

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Are you a tradesperson who has completed the job, but now you are struggling to recover the funds on an unpaid invoice? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. If this is happening to you, you might want to consider taking the client to  Small Claims Court to recoup the unpaid funds. De Palma & Associates can help!


Small Claims Court is designed to assist people in recovering funds that are owed to them. They are able to handle any action for the payment of money where the amount claimed does not exceed $35,000. This is exclusive of interest and additional costs, such as court fees.


If the amount of your claim is more than $35,000, you can still choose to go to Small Claims Court. However, you will have to forfeit the amount of money over $35,000, as well as any future right to get this money in any other court.


As well, you cannot divide the amount of money you are claiming into separate cases. For example, you can not divide $50,000 into a $35,000 claim and a $15,000 claim in order to have the total amount dealt with in two cases. All claims over $35,000, must be taken to the Superior Court of Justice.


It should also be noted that there could be a time limit to how long you can wait before making your claim. If you are uncertain about what period of time applies in your case, you should reach out to us at De Palma & Associates for further clarification. The paralegals at De Palma & Associates have several years of experience representing tradespeople in Small Claims Court with a great deal of success. Let us help you recoup your outstanding invoices.


With offices located in Barrie and Wasaga Beach, De Palma & Associates provides legal representation for Small Claims Court cases, landlord and tenant disputes, traffic tickets, United States entry waivers, criminal pardons (record suspensions), notary services, mediation and document commissioning throughout the Georgian Bay area and the GTA. If you have any questions or require mediation or legal representation, give us a call at De Palma & Associates at 705-429-2401.

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