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By Rob Hilton from A.G. Secure Property Management Inc.

Every successful team relies on a number of players all pulling one another in the same direction to achieve the same goal. Having successful rental properties is no different. Starting with the right team will make the process of owning rental properties easier to manage. A good team consists of many players, from an agent that will help you find and secure the right properties, to a mortgage broker to help you set up the appropriate financing, right down to a property manager.

So exactly what role does a property manager play in your team when it comes to helping you have successful rental properties? A quality property manager will be there to help you take care of the tenants as well as the properties. Their role is to take care of all the day to day operations of the property and manage the landlord-tenant relationship experience, as well as to help assure a rapid turn around of vacancies in the property by helping to find new suitable tenants.

Yet even the best of property managers can not be perfect all the time. That is why it is critical that your property manager have the proper contact to support both them and the client when things go in an unintended direction. A good idea for any successful rental property is to partner with a quality paralegal team who specializes in landlord-tenant issues. Doing this can help give your team a competitive edge and help you achieve the desired results. The team at DePalma & Associate can not only help to represent you at the Landlord & Tenant Board (LTB), but they are also a great sounding board for the entire process. Knowing all the issues that you are facing, DePalma & Associate are able to help come up with alternate solutions to issues and create the best chance for your success. Sometimes they have even given solutions to avoid the LTB hearing process completely. But if you do have to go before the Landlord & Tenant Board they can help to create the best chance for a win at any hearing.

This is why, for the team at A.G. Secure Property Management Inc., to be the best we work with the best to form the best team!


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