Contract Cancellations During COVID-19

Author: Christina De Palma | | Categories: act of God , contract , contract cancellation , COVID-19 , doctrine of frustration , frustration , Provincial Order


COVID-19 has had a significant impact on so many aspects of our lives, including many contracts that were to be executed during this time. Orders implemented by the Province of Ontario prohibiting gatherings of more than five people have impacted the ability to hold events that may have been scheduled quite some time ago. Trade shows, home and craft shows, conferences, fundraising events, hall rentals, wedding vendors and so much more are all impacted at this time. 

It can be argued that the doctrine of frustration applies to the inability to fulfill these contracts and can deem the contracts null and void. Some examples of frustration include: 

  • Frustration applies when there is no provision in a contract to address such situations
  • Frustration can be applied to situations where a party’s ability to fulfill a contract has been affected by a third party – the effect is out of the party’s control and is unexpected
  • Frustration is generally referred to as ‘an act of God principle’ as there would need to be a drastic, unexpected event that has occurred to be able to argue frustration

A global pandemic such as COVID-19 is certainly drastic, unexpected and has impacted the ability to fulfill contracts. The implementation of the Provincial Order can also be argued to be a third party affecting the ability to fulfill contracts. If the contract is deemed to be frustrated, failure to abide by the contract or make payment in accordance with the contract is not considered a breach of contract. It is as if the contract doesn’t exist

Frustration also means that since the contract essentially no longer exists, any deposits made are to be refunded. This can have a significant impact on small local businesses. However, deposits can still be partially retained for services partially rendered or other value already received.

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