Errors on Landlord and Tenant Board Forms

Author: Christina De Palma | | Categories: eviction , landlord , LTB , rental , tenant , tenants


Time is money and, when mistakes get added into the equation, things can add up and definitely get costly! There is no exception when it comes to landlord and tenant issues. Dealing with tenants can be stressful at times, especially once legal matters are involved. 

To start the process of evicting your tenant, you will have to find and serve the correct Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) form. If you make an error, even a simple thing, it can lead to a headache that costs you more time and money. Some of the most common errors made on LTB forms include: incorrect rental address, lack of a unit/apartment number on the form (if applicable), incorrect monetary amount, incorrect rental period, error in the name of a party, incorrect notice period given to tenant, incorrect service of document on tenant, form is not signed, and incorrect person/entity signs the form. Just to name a few! 

So what exactly happens if there is an error on the (LTB) form served to your tenant? 

Ultimately, errors on an LTB form can result in the landlord’s eviction application being dismissed thus causing the eviction process to be delayed even further. With the waiting time for a hearing often being quite lengthy, it may cause the landlord to continue to incur financial or emotional hardship as they wait to start the process over again. 

It should also be noted that if an error on the LTB form results in the dismissal of an application, the landlord may not be able to file another application based on the same issue. For example, if a non-payment of rent application is dismissed the landlord may not be able to reapply to indicate the same months owing. 

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